Monday, November 10, 2008

Only in Dreams

Okay, ignore the fact that I haven't updated my blog in a week whilst I throw something shiny at you - here! here! over here!

I got held up - by life. I had a feeling silly old life would get in the way...and it did.

But I just had the most fantastic dream, and while I'm not going to share it, I will share that it gave me hope. I'm going through a tricky time right now, and I'll take all the inspiration I can get, even if it comes while I'm sleeping.

And it wasn't even a concrete, "something awesome happened" dream - it was just a kind of groovy, "surrounded by friends" and "warm fuzzy feelings" dream. So that's cool.

My schedule has calmed down (a bit, just a bit) so I will hopefully return to currently scheduled broadcasting. I'll try to come up with some groovy things to blog about this week to make up for my absence, much as I bring my cat little toys to make up for neglect. I'm going to make an awesome parent... Look - something shiny!

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