Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This Modern Love

I have a mild obsession with Danish Modern furniture. To the point where I just go to the Craigslist furniture section and search for anything that is Danish Modern. It's kind of fun, as I get older, to notice these things about myself. To envision what my perfect house would look like; to embrace the fact that if it's Tiffany blue and belongs in a kitchen, I will buy it (I found turquoise cutting boards, very excited); to catalogue my likes and dislikes and use them to paint a picture of what my future might look like. I've definitely gone down a few wrong roads in the past couple of years, and every step in the wrong direction is a lesson in what doesn't work for me, just as every step in the right direction is an affirmation that I am slowly but surely growing into, dare I say it, an adult. I don't know why I associate "adulthood" with home decor inclinations, but I do. Just as my mother wants everything in her house to be "white, clean, like a hotel," I've realized that I lean towards vintage items, warm tones, and yes, Danish Modern furniture. The only thing I wonder is - as I grow older and more opinionated and keep developing these preferences, will I stop "trying things on for size"?


Nuwud said...

Ed Norton's character in fight club associated "adulthood" with his ikea furniture collection, remember? Watch out for that alter ego though!

NoHoJax said...

Hi friend! I did not remember that...creepy. I buy my soap at Trader Joe's though.

Ana said...

I also heart Danish Modern and do craigslist keyword searches for it on regular basis. I'm addicted... but I have a fabulous coffee table to show for it.