Monday, May 17, 2010

Bad Dog!

I was hiking with Donna, her dog Deor and my dog Bear in Wilacre Park recently. On our way back down the hill, we saw a cluster of women and a couple of dogs on the side of the trail. The women were covering something with leaves, and one of the women apologized to the other two for "ruining the rest of their hike." Being the nosy human that I am, I asked the woman with the dog what had happened. She told me that her dog had killed a mouse, then looked down at the dog and said "BAD DOG! BAD GIRL! YOU'RE A KILLER!"

I feel bad for that dog.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh my god, how awful! We're now to punish beings for acting upon their instincts??? People like that should not be allowed to have pets or children.

NoHoJax said...

Donna and I were joking after - imagine if you gave your mom a crayon drawing and she said "you call this art?! you suck, that's a waste of crayons!"

my cat used to bring me birds. i said thank you.

luckily the woman's friend had some sense and said, "at least you know if she ran away she could feed herself."

Anonymous said...

We used to live near some peach orchards when I was little and we had a cat that would bring us bats and mice every morning... they're presents! The mom thing is funny. I just can't imagine scolding a child for trying to do anything instinctual. Silliness.