Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hot Link Wednesday

It's been a while. I've been busy writing...doing...being. The after-school program is a go, and that'll be starting up on September 14th. I'm in the last 20 or so pages of the play (and rewriting the same 7 over and over). And my improv troupe just had our second sketch show, for which I was one of the writers. So that's my life in a nutshell lately. And without further adieu, here are some links:

Rent Food Broke - "resources for the unemployed and under-employed in LA." Articles on being frugal and notifications about cheap/free goings-on in Los Angeles.

Advice from Brandon
- the premise is that he doesn't always know what he's talking about, but so far he's been pretty right on.

I read an article somewhere (New York Times? Maybe?) about simplifying one's life, and I followed it to a bunch of blogs. I'm not pretending I'm going to whittle my belongings down to 100 items (my snowglobe collection alone outnumbers that), but I do like the idea of simplification.

Rowdy Kittens - "a blog for people interested in simple, minimalist living."

Becoming Minimalist - about a family of four living a minimalistic lifestyle.

So there you go! Hope to see you more often around these parts.

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Mark said...

Since adopting a minimalist lifestyle I have never been happier. I have more money, am more organized and have more free time. Becoming minimalist is the best thing I have ever done.