Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hot Link Wednesday

Some fun stuff I've found on the internets:

Hipster Puppies - I'm going to try to get Bear in the Hipster Puppies book. We will do a photo shoot this weekend. I did a test shoot and he kept trying to eat my sunglasses.

Vote for the Worst - Their recaps make American Idol somewhat entertaining. What, I said somewhat. I still fast forward through most of the show.

Unnecessary Quotes - Plays on one of my pet peeves. Now if only there were a blog decrying people who capitalize Things that are not Proper Nouns...

Cake or Death...and Legos - One of my favorite Eddie Izzard bits of all time, with Lego animation. Brilliant!

And for anyone who thinks I should have more links after a 4 month hiatus - clearly I have been working very very hard, way too hard to spend all day surfing the interweb.

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