Thursday, April 1, 2010

Well, hi. Fancy meeting you here.

It's been a while. But it's a new month (April Fools' Day no less) and another attempt to update this here blog on a semi-regular basis.

The nice thing is, though I have not been writing here, I have been writing. I'm almost done with Act I of my first full-length play (tentatively titled "DSM-V") and also just had two sketches produced as part of my improv group's March show.

I've been in my little house for almost two years now, and have definitely been growing in NoHo. Previously black-thumbed Jax actually has a vegetable garden going - my lettuce is thriving, peas are shooting up, carrots are carroting and beets are beeting.

And, the biggest change in my life in the past year or so - I got a dog. A mutt puppy from the pound, named Bear. He gets to come to work with me, which is awesome. I've never had a dog before, not even as a kid, so it's a new sort of commitment but one that I'm really enjoying.

Overall, life is good. Which doesn't make for a very exciting blog post but does make me quite happy.

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