Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hot Link Wednesday

Two posts in one day? Wha...but...ok. But don't get used to it.

Hot links, hot links, getcher hot links here!

Hyperbole and a Half - I know I've linked to it before. It's that good. My favorite line from this most recent post: "I would have shanked an infant for juice."

Evidence that the apocalypse is nigh - click if you dare.

What's bad? LuAnn from Real Housewives singing her "new 'hit' single."

What's (arguably) worse? Ramona from Real Housewives' "model walk."

Saw this band The Hollabacks on Monday night, they were super good. Kind of Ben Folds-y if Ben Folds were a hilarious gay fella. (not sure if that link is going to work, just search for them on the Facebook)

Also, feel free to follow me on Twitter! I am nohojax.

Happy Hump Day Humans!

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