Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot Link Wednesday

Adding to the list of "blogs that make fun of hipsters," Unhappy Hipster takes photos from magazines and websites and gives them ridiculous captions. Thank you sister for the link.

Jezebel (which is hilariously described as "Gawker's ladyblog," which sounds dirty to me) posted an article lambasting the Daily Show for treating women poorly/not hiring them. The female employees of the Daily Show countered with a wonderfully written letter (I love the 2nd P.S.) addressed "Dear people who don't work here."

The KCRW Pledge Drive is coming up - here is the page to sign up to volunteer. I did one shift last year and it was really fun. This year I'm doing 2 shifts - Wednesday August 11 at 8:10 pm, and Tuesday August 17 at (gasp) 5:50 am. That Tuesday is the final day of the pledge drive, so it should be a busy morning on the phones. And if you volunteer, you get a discounted membership for the year (which comes with a fringe benefits card).

LA Works is a volunteer registry/database where you can sign up for shifts as a volunteer in the LA area. I will be volunteering with Children of the Night in September (that was the next available shift).

And something that always makes me happy, a new Hyperbole and a Half blog post. This one's about giving a dog an IQ test.

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