Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stop & Breathe Light

There's a stoplight at the intersection of the Chandlers (north and south) and Tujunga that I call the "stop & breathe" light. It may have something to do with the orange line, but I swear at some point, traffic in every direction and all walkers are commanded to stop at the same time. It's like a safety meeting - nobody moves, nobody gets hurt.

Even if I'm running late, this light doesn't piss me off. It's not a particularly long signal, and it amuses me to catch the other drivers looking around, as if wondering "who exactly does get to go right now?" The answer is no one. We all get to sit here for a moment and collect ourselves. Breathe. And go.

The opposite of this calm, meditative sort of signal is the crosswalk by the metro station on Lankershim, just one block east. It goes from red to blinking red, which means you have to treat it as a stop sign, but the pedestrian signal is still in its countdown. So every time I think I'm okay to go, some human comes running out in front of my car. And if I wait too long, some cranky driver will honk from behind.

I guess if it's between "stop and breathe" and "go (if you dare)," I prefer the former.

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