Friday, October 3, 2008

Date Night

Every time the weekend rolls around, I think of the Sex and the City episode where someone says they're doing like, laundry or something on a Saturday night (or was it Friday? whatever.) and Charlotte gasps and goes "...on DATE NIGHT??!!"

This is because for the past two Saturday nights, I've been hanging out with my mom. (gasp...on DATE NIGHT? Yeah, Charlotte - get over it.) My feelings on this are ambivalent (so many people misuse that word, btw - it implies the coexistence of two opposing feelings...most people think it means you don't care, but it actually means you feel strongly in two directions. It's one of my favorite words). I actually really like hanging out with my mom - she's funny and strange, and she makes great dinners, and she likes to play Wayne Newton really loud and eat in semi-darkness. But I have to admit, and I hate to admit it, that it does make me feel sort of lame. I mean, I'm 27 years old - shouldn't I be going out to trendy bars and hitting on emotionally unavailable guys, or something? But the thing is - none of my friends really do that. And I don't really have any interest (or the funds) to do that. I guess I'm just worried that there will come a time that I will look back on these "party" years and realize that I didn't do much partying at all.

Anyway, gotta go - time to email my mom and see what she's doing tomorrow night.

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Bianca (as in Jagger) said...

Um, there are so many things about this post I love. Mostly because I'm the same! Hang out with mom on weekends... check. Emotionally unavailable men... check. I used to have issues with not being out & about on a weekend, but I got over that in the last year. It's more fun when it isn't routine. And, P.S. to Charlotte, there are 6 other days in the week!