Monday, October 6, 2008

Elaine Goldenloxenbagelstein

Improv class today. I'm taking improv classes with Tim Simek, the founder of Slow...Children at Play. I swear, it is the three hours of my week that go by faster than any other three hours - comparable only to Cati's dance classes. My friends Tristan and Laura are in S...CAP and I've gone to see their shows a couple of times. Improv is really cool, and really hard...when it's done well it's freaking hilarious, and when it's bad it's...well, freaking hilarious in a very different way.

Our assignment for next week's class is to come up with one or two characters, complete with costumes, props and fleshed out backgrounds. So I will take this opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and start figuring out one of my characters. Let's call her....Elaine Goldenloxenbagelstein. Elaine Goldenloxenbagelstein was born and raised in Long Beach, Long Island, New York. Elaine was born Elaine Finkelblatt, to Howard and Sheila Finkelblatt, who made a modest living as tour guides in "the big city." She was the youngest of ten children, and the baby of the family, the apple of her fathah's eye. Elaine lived at home with her parents until she met her husband, Saul Goldenloxenbagelstein, who owns a chain of dollar stores that started out small and then spread like wildfire across the country. She's now a millionaire, but still shops at the outlet malls in Paramus. She especially enjoys the Build-A-Bear workshop, along with Color Me Mine. She has a collection of stuffed bears that she created at Build-A-Bear, along with a collection of porcelain cats (the Color Me Mine stuff, she gives as gifts). She wears track suits and sun visors (I'll have to go to Salvation Army this week to find a track suit) but she also always wears her pearls.

Well, that's a start, albeit a rough one. I'll come up with more about Elaine throughout the week.

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