Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Slutty Noun

Halloween is fast approaching, which means that many many girls are trying to figure out how to wear the least amount of clothes possible while still conveying the idea that they are dressed up as something other than a whore.  And I am continuing my tradition of commenting on that trend by simply putting the word "slutty" in front of a noun and calling it a costume.  A look at costumes past:

2007: Slutty laptop - short silver dress with a white "Apple" symbol sewn on the front.

2006: Slutty lamp - short black dress, lampshade on head.  

2005: Slutty mustard bottle - short yellow dress, red "French's" logo sewn on the front.

This year?  

Slutty tree: short brown dress.  Green leaves, if I'm feeling ambitious.  Otherwise, I'll just be slutty branch.  It's eco-friendly, it's fun, and I get to wear green eyeshadow.  

1 comment:

Bianca (as in Jagger) said...

Hahahaha... Wait, I liked your previous idea. You should be Slutty Miss Cranky Pants.