Thursday, October 16, 2008

Little Miss Cranky Pants

Remember those great books, Mr. Messy, Miss Bossy, with the awesome crayon drawings? Mr. Happy was the big yellow one?

Lately I've totally been Little Miss Cranky Pants.  And for no reason. Life is good, cat is healthy, friends are great, and I am cranky.  For the past month or so.  No reason.  Not sad, not depressed, not pessimistic. Just cranky as shit.  (Is shit cranky?  I imagine it would be.  I mean, it smells like shit, it looks like shit, it tastes get the idea.)  It reminds me of a song lyric: " life is just a boring chore and I'm living proof."  Is that it?  Am I bored?  

Doesn't matter - I just want someone to hit me upside the head and yell SNAP OUT OF IT!  Seriously.  Go for it.  Hit me.  I might hit you back in the moment, but I'll totally thank you for it later.  Because the thing is, I have it pretty damn good.  

Hmmm....Little Miss Cranky Pants....I may have just come up with a fabulous Halloween costume.  (There's always a silver lining, isn't there?)

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Anonymous said...

I would really enjoy hearing more about the halloween costumes of past and ideas for the present.