Monday, October 20, 2008

What Came First?

I completely forgot to blog yesterday! Which is odd, because the blinking cursor has become such a big part of my day these days...often daydreaming about what to write and wondering if anyone will read it, anyway.

The blog didn't totally leave my mind - yesterday morning I was eating a breakfast burrito with chicken, and trying to think of other occasions in which you eat both a chicken and an egg at the same time. (I came up with chicken quiche, a chicken omelet, and a barbecue at which you might have both chicken salad and egg salad.) I was also wondering what the probability was that the chicken I ate laid the egg I ate. I think pretty slim. But who knows? As I am not in the chicken/egg business, I'm just guessing.

Anyway, I thought that would make an interesting blog subject.

I think I was wrong.

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