Saturday, October 18, 2008

Something I Can't Deny

This post hearkens back to Bianca's post, which hearkens back to Oprah (because doesn't everything?).  Anyway - here goes...something I can't deny. 

I am lazy.  I am one lazy beeyatch.  I would rather sit on my ass and watch Sex and the City reruns than do anything substantial.  Or so I tell myself.  But the secret?  I don't think it's actually true.  Because the thing is, I could.  I could come home every night, sit on my couch and watch whatever bad reality television happens to be on.  I could let my house go to shit, watch the laundry pile up and everything get increasingly grimy and awful.  Some people do, and they're totally okay with that.  But I don't, and I'm not.  When I was unemployed earlier this year, I was so...effing...bored.  So maybe I'm not lazy.  Maybe I'm just not passionate enough about anything yet to focus all of my energy and attention on it, and so the in-between times feel like laziness.  But maybe those in-between times are just...marinating.  It's certainly something to think about.  To "marinate" about, if you will.   


Anonymous said...

U R so not lazy, u work, cook,
clean, garden,take care of girly-gato and somehow find some time to take care of yourself.

Here's what could be if you were not self motiviated.

1. Still living at home & in your late 20's.
2. Unemployed and w/only a HS diploma.
3. Nickel & dime mom & dad, just to buy a Burger King breakfast muffin.
4. Save all coin found ard house to have enough for Friday's Happy Hour. (1 drink)
5. Write checks that keep bouncing.
6. Make believe shopping-on QVC& HSN
7. Keep getting hasseled by bill collectors for those over used charge cards.
8. Show-up at 10 year HS reunion and bold face lie 2 everyone instead tellg the truth.
9. Keep forgetting to wash off makeup from day before.

Bianca (as in Jagger) said...

Hmm. I think there are varying degrees of laziness. The most pronounced being Utter Sloth... And then there's Functional Lazy, where one is doing just enough to appear as an above-average, respectable adult while only fulfilling a small percentage of one's true potential.